Published: Aug 19, 2014 6:00 PM EDT
Updated: Aug 19, 2014 6:06 PM EDT

FORT MYERS, Fla - Lellian Carreon said it didn't take long for her mind to wander, when she got the call her 7-year-old son never showed up at the Palmer Pre School and Day Care.

"I was very devastated. I was so worried. you always think of the worst. You don't know what could happen," said Carreon.

It wasn't until Fort Myers police got involved, that Carreon says they were able to find him, two hours later.

"He fell asleep on the bus," said Carreon.

Carreon says she's annoyed at how the driver, and district handled the situation.

Palmer employees told Lellian they informed the bus driver a child was missing.

Instead of letting them look for the child, he drove off.

The school district tells WINK, non district employees are not allowed on the bus.

Still, Carreon thinks the driver should have done something.

"A simple head count. If they would have simply stopped the bus, counted the children on the bus, they would have found my child sleeping on the bus," said Carreon.

Carreon says she also told transportation officials, that the driver wasn't answering his radio.

The school district responded saying: "The driver's first priority is to the safety of the children on the bus. if this means he cannot talk safely on his radio due to traffic conditions, noise levels, etc. then yes, this is going to be the case until he can safely use his radio."

Here is more on the school protocol in these situations:

During these first few days we are going to have children get on the wrong buses, miss their stop for various reasons, and even fall asleep in a seat, etc. These incidents are very rare compared to the 65,000 students that ride the bus each day but they do happen. Schools know which children are assigned to which bus. If we need to find a child it can be a process of elimination (radioing each bus to determine if the child is on it) but often, the child alerts the driver that they realized they are on the wrong bus. In these cases, the bus completes its regular route and then takes the child back to school or to their intended stop if it is not too far out of the way. In these cases, the Driver uses the radio to alert the Transportation of any child that indicates they are on the wrong bus or missed a stop and transportation alerts the school to communicate with the parent.