Published: Aug 14, 2014 10:35 PM EDT

FORT MYERS, FL.--Fears are surfacing over Facebook's new Messenger app.

The company is now making you download it if you want to send and receive messages on your mobile device.

But now, rumors are popping up online saying the app invades your privacy--even secretly records you through your microphone.

"It is an invasion of my privacy," said Angela Goodhand

"After I heard all that stuff about it I just deleted it. It wasn't worth it," said Bill Monroe.

Online articles and radio personalities fired up much of the scare by claiming Facebook will use the app to listen to you or watch you through the phones camera.

Facebook admits the app does ask to access your contacts, camera, microphone and location.

"This type of data mining is not something that is new to the industry," said Shaun Book with Area 51 PC.

Book says most of the apps on your phone already do the same thing.

"Now that it has the large names behind it you are going to start to see people take notice," said Book.

Facebook says by accessing your phones information is speeds up the app.

"They should explain it a lot better than just a simple I accept and a 240 page long end user license agreement," said Book.

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