Published: Aug 12, 2014 6:38 PM EDT
Updated: Aug 12, 2014 6:44 PM EDT

CAPE CORAL, Fla -- A Cape Coral neighborhood is on high alert, after someone broke into not one, but two homes in broad daylight.  It happened in the 2100 block of NE 3rd Terrace, near Del Prado Boulevard and Hancock Bridge Parkway.

Since the beginning of this month two homes on this road were hit already. Cape Coral police are working to see if they are connected, and asking neighbors to look for anything out of the ordinary.

A shattered bedroom window, and shattered glass. It's evidence someone uninvited broke in and took things that didn't belong to them.

"A PlayStation and a little safe," said Misty Long. Long is watching the Cape Coral home for her friend. He was trying to catch a plane, when he found out someone broke in broad daylight. 

"It happened during the day, that's what is crazy to me," she said.

And it's not the only one. WINK News has learned earlier this month someone broke into another home right down the street
The homeowner doesn't feel safe being identified. 

"I came home from shopping and found that my house was broken into, TVs were stolen, the pressure washer, chainsaws, and the kindle," she said.  "I was very.. I'm still nervous. But I'm just still dumbfounded. Who did it?"

That's a question the Cape Coral Police Department is on a mission to answer. Cops sent out a "Ping 4 Alert" to the neighborhood, and say burglaries in broad daylight do happen more frequently than you might think, and sometimes, by people, who don't even look suspicious. 

Detective Sgt. Dana Coston says sometimes crooks will even canvass a neighborhood and look to see that you've left the home, before breaking in.  He says, if you happen to see anything suspicious, call police immediately. 

After seeing our story on WINK News, another neighbor says someone also stole her car right out of the driveway. She has also filed a police report, and says the recent crime in her neighborood has her thinking about moving.