Published: Aug 05, 2014 9:48 PM EDT

NAPLES, Fla. - It's a sign that thieves will steal anything, Police say someone stole 2 brand new stop signs waiting to be installed.


Crews had been replacing dozens of old wooden signs, when the new ones were taken from the intersection of of 26 Avenue North and 14 Street North over the weekend.


They're big and bulky. "They're about 250 pounds.One person can't lift them, it takes a couple of people at least to lift these."


That's why Gregg Strakaluse, the director of the Department of Streets and Stormwater for the city of Naples, said it's unusual for someone to steal these new metal stop signs.


"They're noticeableso whatever someone tries to do with them, if they try to out them up, they're going to get noticed and probably reported to the authorities. If they are delivered to scrap metal dealer all the dealers have been put on notice to keep a lookout for these signs."


Crews transformed 63 of theold wooden stop signs into new metal ones. But,2 of them disappeared when workers left them under a tree. "They moved to a different location to erect the other stop signs when they came back they were gone."


Each stop sign costs the city $1,100 and were purchased using gas tax revenue.


Strakaluse said the manufacturer will replace the ones taken.


He said the metal stop signs and street name signs have been stolen in the past, but they normally just replace them and don't report it.