Published: Aug 01, 2014 10:17 PM EDT

LEHIGH ACRES, FL.--A Lehigh Acres teenager was bitten by a venomous coral snake and it put him in the ICU for days.

He's out of the hospital, but because of that bite he could go to prison for 25-years.

FWC Officials believe 19-year old Eddie Chamberlain was illegally keeping the venomous snake as a pet. It is illegal to do so if you do not have the proper licensing.

"I got bit at 1:12 in the afternoon, got home at about 2 something and told my mom I couldn't feel my arm," said Chamberlain.

"When it bit me it just sat there digging in to my finger trying to get its fangs in me," said Chamberlain.

Chamberlain told Florida Fish and Wildlife officials the snake was about to attack a cat, so he grabbed the snake and put it in a fish tank.
He says he tried to figure out what kind it was and claims he didn't know the snake was venomous.

"It was dark so it kind of looked like a king snake so I wasn't exactly sure," he said.

A little more than 30-minutes later, Chamberlain couldn't feel his left arm and had a hard time breathing.

"It felt like someone was just standing on top of me pushing down on my chest," said Chamberlain.

Once Chamberlain's family realized the snake was venomous he was rushed to the ER.
Doctors quickly gave him five shots of Anti-Venin, saving his life.
But now, Chamberlain could face a fine and go to jail.
FWC officers tell WINK News, Chamberlain was keeping the snake as a pet without a license.
Since Chamberlain is already on probation, if he has any interaction with the law, he could go to prison for 25-years.

"I think it is pretty stupid because I was thinking of others safety rather than mine," said Chamberlain.

WINK News still does not know if FWC plans on filing charges, they are still investigating.