Published: Jul 31, 2014 10:39 PM EDT
Updated: Jul 31, 2014 10:40 PM EDT

FORT MYERS, Fla. --  No more cash, no more change. There is now a new way to pay for parking in downtown Fort Myers. For the first time ever, you can now fill up your meter using your smartphone.

It's through a free app called "PassportParking Mobile Payment." The good news: it reminds you when your meter is about to expire. But the convenience does cost a bit extra: 18 cents to be exact.

Parking can sometimes be pressured enough in downtown Fort Myers.

To make things easier, the city is taking a cue from technology, and rolling out a new Passport Parking app. It lets you ditch the change, and pay for everything using your smartphone.

"For the most part, people have already integrated a lot of  their daily activities along with technology and phones. I think it's going to work!" said Karlina Vaickute.

It only takes a few minutes to download the app, for free, using your iPhone or android.

You set up an account with your credit or debit card. When you park, enter in the zone number, and parking space, which you'll see on the meter itself. and put in how much time you'll need.

City leaders say they didn't use any taxpayer money to install the new system, but still, it will cost you extra.

"For the first time you put money in the meter there's an 18 cent charge. But if you go back and add to it? There is no additional charge for that parking episode," said Don Paight, with the Fort Myers Community Redevelopment Agency.

You can also set an alert, where you will get a reminder, before your space expires.
Need to stay longer? Simply add more time, wherever you are.

"I think it's helpful to avoid parking tickets for those who use the meters," said one Lee County resident.

At this time, the app does not tell you which parking spaces are open.
But city leaders admit, that feature could be added in the future.