Published: Jul 30, 2014 9:15 PM EDT

Naples, Fla., -  A Naples masseuse was busted for offering sexual services to an undercover officer.  It happened on Tuesday at the Queen Spa at U.S. 41 and Central Avenue.  Wink News found out this isn't the first time the owner has faced similar charges.

Jianping Liu was back to work serving clients a day after police arrested her for prostitution.  Wink News confronted Liu at her spa, but she told us to come back in 15 minutes.

"No, I have a customer," said Liu.

We caught Liu sneaking out the back door of the spa and taking off in her Mercedes before she talked with us. 

Naples police say Liu offered the undercover officer a sexual favor in exchange for money during his massage.  Her arrest has other owners at the plaza where she runs her business talking.

"Naples Police are always right here," said John Tenney who owns Valento's Pizza.  "That's a terrible location to try to pull something like that."

Tenney said Queen Spa has only been open for a month.  He says Liu owns the spa and keeps very odd hours.  The hours posted on the door to the Spa show its open until 10pm everyday.

"I'm here open to close today everyday around 11," said Tenney.  "Funny thing is they're always still open when I leave." 

Liu was arrested in March for a similar crime in Lee County.  Deputies say that time she was offering her services out of her home in Bonita Springs.  Her neighbors said at least a dozen men would come by her home on any given day and some of them would knock on their door instead.  They said that's why Liu installed larger numbers on her house so they knew which one was hers.

Wink News looked up her massage license with the State of Florida.  There was no mention of her prior arrest.  The State Attorney's Office spokeswoman said they don't report the arrests to the state licensing board.  The State Attorney's Office never filed charges against Liu for her arrest in March because she completed a diversion program.  The programs can include community service, drug testing, even anger management.