Published: Jul 23, 2014 6:55 PM EDT
Updated: Jul 25, 2014 3:54 PM EDT

PORT CHARLOTTE, Fla.- A Port Charlotte woman claimed H&R Block filed her taxes wrong for the last six years, costing her thousands of dollars.

Suzanne Kyre told WINK News when she filed her 2013 taxes at a Port Charlotte H&R Block she was told there was a mistake in her previous year’s filing.  

"When she [agent] went to look at it, I had also brought my taxes from the year before, which she also just glanced over and noticed right away that there was a mistake."

Kyre said the agents who filed her taxes previously had left an important box blank. Her husband is self-employed. In their taxes, there was a line that read, "self-employed health insurance deduction." There should have been a dollar amount listed; however it was left blank.

"They went all the way back to 2006, where we noticed they didn't take that money off consistently ever single time," Kyre said. "We had three different people do our taxes over that six years, so it wasn't just one person making a mistake."

Fortunately, Kyre had purchased H&R Block's Peace of Mind insurance, but that only covered mistakes dating back three years. H&R Block re-filed her taxes for the most recent three years, and got her back roughly $9,000. However, Kyre felt she was owed the additional $8,000.

"That was money that we should have had," she said. "We were having to borrow money from people, from family to pay my taxes, when I should have been getting a refund."

Kyre contacted H&R Block's regional and corporate office, but said the company told her they would not reimburse her money from years not insured. So, Kyre decided to contact WINK News Call For Action. A volunteer contacted the company, and Kyre said later that day H&R Block called asking her to bring in her documents.

"After about a week, maybe two weeks, [I] came home from work and there was an envelope...and it was a check for the money I paid into taxes, the tax money that I should have gotten back with interest," she said. "It was awesome, I was so excited I was doing happy dance out in the driveway...The only thing that was weird was that there was no, there was nothing in there. It was just this little here's your check, thank you for your patience or whatever it said and that was the end of it."

In an email to Call For Action Reporter Lindsey Sablan, H&R Block said "H&R Block takes this issue seriously and stand behind our guarantee. We worked directly with the client to resolve the matter."

Certified Public Accountant John Stroemer told WINK News, consumers must do their homework before choosing a tax professional.

"I'd interview a couple of them...I would ask them, tell me about your firm, your background, what kind of tax returns do you do, can you give me a couple references. I would even say here's my scenario, give me some advice," Stroemer said.