Published: Jul 24, 2014 10:23 PM EDT

CAPE CORAL, Fla. -- Heroin arrests are hitting a new high in Cape Coral.  In the latest bust, police say Marcus Dale, 33, asked his young daughter to hide his stash of heroin.

"Now, you're seeing heroin crossing all social economic lines, all lines of race. Gender. Economic status," said Detective Sergeant Dana Coston.

A sobering reality. Cape Coral Police tell WINK News heroin arrests are at an all time high. And detectives say, now, more than ever, this dangerous drug could fall into the hands of children.

"It's a problem. And it's something that parents need to be aware of. This is happening in our community."

New numbers from police tell the whole story. So far this year, officers have made more than 20 heroin-related arrests, which is the most in department history.

Sgt. Coston says more people are using this drug, because of a crackdown on pill mills. "They are turning to heroine as an alternative. When you look at these drugs whether its an Oxycontin or some other type of opiate, it's chemically very similar."

Police say they're fighting back by targeting the supply coming into the city, patrolling our streets more, looking for dealers, and educating families. 

Police say while some heroin is made locally, most of it comes from the Mexican border.