Published: Jul 24, 2014 5:00 PM EDT
Updated: Jul 24, 2014 6:44 PM EDT

CAPE CORAL, Fla. -  Marcus Dale was in a car that police pulled over at the race trac on Del Prado Boulevard.

A routine traffic stop turns into a drug bust. Police say on Wednesday night, officers noticed the driver of a black four door volkswagon wasn't wearing his seat belt.

They pulled the car over into a Cape Coral gas station parking lot and in the process, police say Marcus Dale reached for the back seat and handed his daughter something.

According to the police report, he handed the child 14 bags of heroin trying to hide it.

"like I don't even know what to say," says Dale's cousin. "I never knew nothing about this till now."

Marcus Dale's cousin didn't want to show his face on camera, but he says Dale has been in trouble in the past. WINK News found out he's been arrested at least 15 times since 1999.

Joseph Lavelle lives just a few doors down from Marcus Dale.  He say's he himself is a recovering drug addict... but would never get his own children involved.

"I would never imagine doing something like that, says Lavelle. "Especially giving him that kind of drug to hide on him."

The report goes on to say Dale bought each bag for 17 dollars at a Fort Myers hotel

Officers say Dale and his daughter then got into a friend's car, and were headed to the Race Trac to then sell some of the bags for 30 bucks, but that's when police pulled them over.

The girl is now with her mother, and the department of children and families is investigating the case.