Published: Jul 24, 2014 1:26 PM EDT
Updated: Jul 24, 2014 7:44 PM EDT

FORT MYERS BEACH, Fla.- The 16-year-old girl injured in a lightning strike that killed one and severely hurt another called 911 herself. The frightening calls show just how terrifying the moments were after the bolt hit Fort Myers Beach.  

We'd like to warn viewers that the calls are disturbing. In them, you can hear 16-year-old Chelsea begging for help, saying the three were running for cover.

Chelsea to the 911 operator: "I need someone to come! My boyfriend is not breathing!"

Chelsea Gill's main concern on the beach Tuesday afternoon was her boyfriend, 14-year-old Zachary Lataweic.

Chelsea: "Baby? Babe, talk! Baby, say something! Say something!"

The two were struck by lightning in a frightening scene on Fort Myers Beach. Several people were terrified to see what just happened, and called 911.

Witness to 911 operator: "We are inside our house right now, watching these people walk on the beach. They literally just got struck by lightning. There's a girl next to one of them. The other two aren't moving."

A third person, Chelsea's uncle, Scott Wilcox, died instantly.

In the call, Chelsea tells dispatchers the three were trying to run for cover when they were hit.

Chelsea: "I'm just really scared right now!"

Soon, you hear witnesses rushing to help, giving Zac CPR.

Bystander: "Is he breathing? Come on, 1,2,3."

Another voice on the call: "I see him starting to breathe."

Chelsea bravely tries to move, as EMS is on their way.

Chelsea: "I tried walking. I can't get up."

Chelsea has been released from the hospital. The family is asking for privacy at this time.

Zachary's stepfather said Zac and Chelsea were inseparable and couldn't be more in love. He said the family won't know much else regarding Zac's condition for the next two days. Doctors said Zac could suffer from permanent brain damage. He just asked that people continue their prayers for the families.