Published: Jul 21, 2014 11:42 AM EDT

CAPE CORAL, Fla.- Cape Coral Police arrested 56-year-old Ricky Jay Towne after allegedly chasing his roommate with a hatchet.

Police were called to 1122 Patterson Road in reference to the disturbance on Friday around 9:00 p.m.


The victim said he had gotten into a verbal argument with his friend and roommate, Ricky Towne. Towne then allegedly picked up a silver-colored hatchet and followed the victim outside the residence. While still holding the hatchet, Towne reportedly threatened to throw the hatchet at the victim if he didn't get off of his property. The victim said that Towne was approximately five feet away from him and he was in fear for his life, as believed that Towne was going to throw it.

A witness walking his dog near the scene, said he saw Towne chase the victim with the hatchet, holding it up in a threatening manner. The witness stated that Towne was about five feet away from the victim, when the victim asked the witness to call 911. The witness told Towne that he was going to take a picture of him holding the hatchet for the police and Towne responded by throwing the hatchet on the ground in the front swale his residence.

Towne, who police said appeared highly intoxicated, was read the warning of Miranda from a department issued card. They said Towne declined to speak with Officers.

A silver-colored hatchet was found in the front swale of the residence at 1122 Patterson Road. Both the victim and the witness identified the hatchet as the same hatchet used in the incident.

Towne was placed under arrest for Aggravated Assault then transported to the Lee County Jail.