Published: Jul 17, 2014 4:53 PM EDT
Updated: Jul 17, 2014 6:18 PM EDT

FORT MYERS, Fla.,- It started off as a vehicle test drive, but, in a quick turn of events, a car salesman was carjacked. Only WINK News sat down with the salesman who describes the moments he was in the back seat of the car and then left on the side of the road!

"I just went blank, I got in shock, I just had no reaction."

What was suppose to be a routine vehicle test drive turned into scary moments for car salesman Adonys Marte, as he sat in the back seat of the car.

"The lady that was driving said the car was pulling, and I said this can't be right, I had just tried the car myself," Adonys Marte told WINK News.

These two people, Jasmine Wanke and Alfred Everett, came into Car Finders Unlimited. Police say the two arrived in a taxi. WINK News has exclusive video surveillance shows the cab leaving the car lot, but, according to Fort Myers Police, they had no intention of buying a car.

"The guy told her to pull to the side and he said can you come out and check the oil," said Marte.

There was actually nothing wrong with the car, but, what came next Marte never expected. Police say Everett showed Marte a knife.

"He lifted his shirt up and said stay out of the car and they left."

Marte was left on the side of the road and the car--stolen.

"I thought they were coming back, I stayed there for like one or two minutes, I said 'is this real? Is this happening?'"

The car the couple went to test drive was later found hidden in the woods.

"Fortunately, they didn't do anything to me, I got lucky."

Police found Wanke and Everett at the Twin Palms Apartment complex shortly after. According to police, there was a short stand off before the duo surrendered peacefully.

WINK News just checked and both Wanke and Everett are still behind bars. The two are facing charges of armed robbery.