Published: Jul 14, 2014 6:13 PM EDT
Updated: Jul 15, 2014 4:41 PM EDT

PORT CHARLOTTE, Fla. - After a trip to a convenience store, a Port Charlotte man tells WINK News he was shocked by what he saw scribbled on his receipt.

David Edmonds says he's frequented the Charlotte Discount Convenience Store since he moved to the area earlier this year.

"I bought a red truck, and (the clerk) knew me by 'Red Truck Dave,'" Edmonds said.

Red Truck Dave says he just discovered the clerk and her husband, who own the store, have another name for him: "Fat Guy."

When Edmonds paid a five-dollar tab he owed Sunday, he says the clerk handed him the receipt she'd been keeping under the counter.  The words "Fat Guy" were written on the bottom.

"I confronted her about it," Edmonds said.  She said, 'Yeah, because youre fat! You eat very good! You're fat.  It's a good thing.'"
That's now Edmond interpreted the term.

"I broke down.  I did.  I really did," he said.

A former EMT, Edmonds says he was injured on the job, and has since struggled with his weight due to his inactivity.  This year, Edmonds says he has lost 70 lbs.

"Honestly, I consider it bullying," Edmonds said.  "I really, sincerely, really, truly want an apology."

WINK News went to Charlotte Discount with Edmonds to confront the clerk.  She was not there, but her husband, the store's owner, was.

"It may have been accidental, but it destroys people's hearts," Edmonds told him. "It broke my heart."

"(Whether) we did it or we didn't do it, we do apologize for that," the store's owner said to Edmonds.

Edmonds says he is not completely satisfied with that apology, but he just wants to put the issue behind him.  

Since he posted his story on a consumer website, Edmonds says he has been contacted by a lawyer, but does not want to take legal action.

"It's not about money at all," Edmonds said "It's about feelings and how not to bully."