Published: Jul 10, 2014 8:25 PM EDT
Updated: Jul 11, 2014 11:01 AM EDT

ESTERO, Fla. - A new report is revealing more details about the shootings of two Naples Police officers.

Sergeant Amy Young remains in intensive care while Luis Monroig is dead after a double shooting at their Estero home. It's still unclear who pulled the trigger. Investigators call it a domestic dispute.

This new incident report shows there may have been a third person on scene. It says deputies made contact with someone who called 911 but the redacted report doesn't reveal who that caller is. Almost all the details in this report are blacked out because it involves two police officers.

According to the brand new report, 30 deputies responded to a home on Sunset Lake Court early Wednesday morning after someone called 911 about a shooting.

The report says deputies made contact with the caller and as they walked toward the front door, they saw Sergeant Amy Young on the ground, shot. They also found Luis Monroig shot.

Deputies cleared the entire house, which means checking for other suspects, victims, witnesses or threats. They also impounded a 2006 silver Pontiac Torrent.

Both Young and Monroig were taken to Lee Memorial Hospital. Monroig died from his injuries. WINK News is getting new insight about their lives.

"She was professional, she cared about the cases that she worked on, she put a lot of effort and energy into everything that she did," said Joe Whitehead, a retired Naples Police detective.

Whitehead worked with Young and Monroig, who also went by "Dave." He said both officers had exceptional qualities.

"Dave put his heart and soul into it and energy into it, gave 100% all the time," Whitehead said. "He trained even when he wasn't working to do his job. He kept his training up so he could be the best when he got to work."

As the investigation continues, Whitehead asks everyone to wait for all the facts before rushing to judgment. "People are looking at it through the prism of that they were both wore badges but the truth is this is really a human tragedy," he said.

WINK News also confirms the Department of Children and Families has opened an investigation into Amy Young and Luis Monroig. But, at this point, the agency hasn't said why.