Published: Jul 09, 2014 10:39 PM EDT
Updated: Jul 09, 2014 10:40 PM EDT

NAPLES, Fla.-  Naples Police tell WINK News the death of Luis Monroig is a loss to their agency. We've confirmed he was an Army Veteran and part of the department's SWAT and undercover units, along with its Honor Guard.

All new tonight, WINK News pulled his Linkedin profile, it lists skills like hostage negotiator, counter-intelligence, and drug recognition.0

Detectives said an early morning domestic dispute between Monroig and his girlfriend, Sergeant Amy Young, ended with him dead and Young fighting for her life.

All new tonight, according to Sgt. Young's personnel file, she's part of the agency's field training program, preparing new cops for the streets.

Both officers have letter after letter of praise. While they didn't work in the same department, they responded to many scenes together including a recent CVS robbery. WINK News has exclusive video of that incident, you can see Sgt. Young walking away from our camera.

While their commendations are lengthy, WINK News is learning the officers have been disciplined in the past. Young was suspended without pay for 5 days in 2013 for sleeping on duty. In 2011, she was reprimanded for accidentally firing her gun while responding to a crime. She received extra training.

And in 2012, Monroig received remedial training for violating policy, when he pursued a car in his agency-assigned unmarked pick-up truck.

Naples Police Chief Tom Weschler said the officers have been with the agency for 24 years total.

According to their personnel files, both officers handle stressful situations very well. The Naples Police also say both Monroig and Young have children.

The department said co-workers can date, one just can't supervise the other. They also try to keep them working on separate assignments.