Published: Jul 08, 2014 10:33 PM EDT

COLLIER COUNTY, Fla.- Women's underwear and bikini - Naples Police said those things are on the mind of a man, calling repeatedly and harassing workers at Victoria's Secret in the Coastland Center Mall.

According to an incident report obtained by WINK News, workers said the caller is elderly and on several occassions he was "asking the same questions about panties" and "wanting to wear panties and wearing just a bikini bottom while shopping."

The report said when he called again just this past week, the store successfully used something called a trap and trace to locate him.

"And it will log in that call with that phone carrier company, then that information can be disclosed with law enforcement."

Private investigator Carrie Kerskie said anyone can use this trick to trace a caller who's harassing them.

Here's how it works: right after you hang up, enter a special code on your phone. Kerskie said for most carriers its *57. That code will lock in the caller's location and you can then contact your phone company to trace the location and get in touch with police.

"Just depends on what extremes the criminal wants to go to to hide their identity but its a very good tool to use."