Published: Jul 06, 2014 10:24 PM EDT
Updated: Jul 07, 2014 3:27 PM EDT

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla.- A St. Petersburg baby narrowly escaped death this weekend.

Police say that baby's mother, Natasha Graver, 32, left her in a hot car.

Graver is charged with child abuse.

According to police, Graver attended a funeral Saturday afternoon and left the four-month-old in her van.  Graver allegedly drove home and forgot the baby again.  She called 911 when she returned to the van with her husband to go out for dinner, and found the infant unresponsive.

Graver posted bond Sunday.

Her child survived.

"We all want to assume it would never happen to us," said Sally Kreuscher, with Safe Kids Lee/Collier Counties.  "Unfortunately, it can happen to anybody."

So far this year, 13 children have died of heatstroke in hot cars.  Two of those deaths were in Florida.

Since 1998, 68 children lost their lives in Florida because they were trapped in hot cars. That is the second highest amount of hot car-related deaths of any U.S. state.

"I understand that accidents do happen, but this is a preventable tragedy," Kreuscher said.

Kreuscher suggests leaving an essential object, like a purse or mobile phone, in the back seat as a reminder.

"Unfortunately, our minds work in ways that really don't understand," Kreuscher said. "Many times we really, just sort of go through motions, or we get side tracked and aren't really focused on everything."