Published: Jul 07, 2014 11:28 PM EDT

FORT MYERS, FL.--Case after case of parents leaving their children in cars unattended are being reported.

"We tend to see a high number of cases usually between May to August, October, November," said Sally Kreuscher with Safe Kids in Lee and Collier counties

In Florida, officers arrested two women just last week and both are accused of leaving their children in the cars.
Police say one mom was shopping and the other was at a funeral.
Amazingly, both children survived.
WINK News  wanted to know how can a parent really forget their children in the car?
Experts, like Valerie Olsen, with the Children's Advocacy Center say parents may not see their baby in the rear view mirror if they are using a rear-facing car seat.

"Maybe the child fell asleep and is quiet and the parent is out of their routine," said Olsen.

"Once a childs body reaches 107 degrees, they could die" said Kreuscher.

Experts also say there is a new trend emerging.

"1/3 of the deaths that have occurred by kids playing in the vehicle and then get trapped," said Kreuscher.

Just like this South Carolina 3-year old who died last Wednesday.

Police say he left the house, got in the families car to play and didn't know how to get out.

Local attorney, Lance Dunford, tells WINK News typically the parents who accidentally leave children in the car will have to pay a fine or could be thrown in jail.

"It is a bright line. If you leave your kid unattended in the car and if they are under the age of 6, you can be cited civilly for this," said Dunford.

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