Published: Jul 04, 2014 10:19 PM EDT

COLLIER COUNTY, Fla.- Sagging over, slumped against a guardrail, eyes closed - only WINK News has exclusive video of a driver troopers say sparked crash after crash on I-75 overnight Friday, sending several people to the hospital.

"And it was just caused because people were still trying to go around this first accident. Some people stopped some people weren't stopping."

Here's how it all unfolded: first troppers said this smashed up taxi cab got into a wreck just north of Immokalee Road. Several cars pulled over to help and that's when investigators said 22 year old Ian Weinert driving drunk, slamming into one of those vehicles. He then swerved and hit a second car which propelled and bumped into a third. Troopers said no one was seriously hurt.

"It's a blessing that we're all still safe right now, trying to help them and you know you're just trying to do good really, thats all you can ask."

Only WINK News was there as troopers took Weinert into custody. Our crew asked question after question but he stayed quiet.