Published: Jul 01, 2014 4:48 PM EDT

NORTH PORT, Fla.- A baby was shaken so violently that doctors could not save him. Carter Bryant faces manslaughter charges in connection with the 11-month-old's death.

The mother's boyfriend has been arrested for this crime. A probable cause affidavit from the courts says Bryant admited to rocking the child too hard for about 15 minutes straight.

The family is now left with many questions about why their baby had to die. The father of the child is in shock, and is now trying to understand how someone could take the life of his baby, Joshen.

"It didn't have to be this way. I just don't know what rage would cause a person to do something, to kill somebody so handsome and cause harm to them," said Jarreau Vinson, the baby's father.

Going through pictures, he stood in front of the crime scene, a North Port home where the baby lived with his mother. Investigators said 35-year-old Carter Bryant of Bradenton was visiting the mother late Friday night. She left to run an errand and that's when Bryant allegedly shook the baby. She told investigators the baby wasn't breathing when she returned home.

Now Vinson, who lives in Miami, can do nothing but remember Joshen's infectious smile.

"If you're having a bad day, you just see and look at him," he said.

He called the baby a fighter, and said he was born premature.

"Even though he was a baby, the only thing he complained about was being fed and getting his pamper changed. That's it...that's it," said Vinson.    

Bryant is facing manslaughter and aggravated child abuse charges in the baby's death.