Published: Jun 30, 2014 11:41 PM EDT
Updated: Jun 30, 2014 11:42 PM EDT

FORT MYERS, FL.--A popular Fort Myers bar closed its door, but the employees say they had no idea and are left without a paycheck.

"We worked really hard for this place and feel like it was just taken away from us," said employee Miranda Dumont.

Dumont worked as a bartender at Fade Away Sports Bar and Grill in Fort Myers.
But now she's without a job and tells WINK News all the employees were shocked to see the door closed and locked when they showed up for work.

A note posted to the door says due to the sale of the property, Fade Away would be closing.

"I had closed the kitchen the night before. Got out around 3 in the morning, went home, everything seemed normal," said employee Nick Fothergill.

The employees who spoke to WINK News say the bar was always busy and the staff was like a family.
But they now claim, they can't get in touch with the owner for an explanation and their paycheck.
"And I cant even get in there to print a time card because the locks are changed and I wont have proof that I worked the last 5 days," said Fothergill.

WINK News uncovered the company is owned by College Parkway Restaurant, INC which is registered in Lansing, Michigan.
The owner's attorney says he's not sure if the bar with open again in the future or stay closed.

"My concern now is getting paid. I put in all that work, for the past two weeks, and now I may not get paid for it," said Fothergill.

The owner's attorney also told WINK News, that the employees will be paid, but was not sure when.