Published: Jun 27, 2014 11:18 PM EDT
Updated: Jun 28, 2014 5:11 PM EDT

CAPE CORAL, Fla. - It was a stunning sight in southwest Cape Coral. A waterspout formed Friday afternoon near the Tarpon Point Marina, swirling the water for several minutes.

People have been sending dozens of spectacular videos and pictures of the event to the WINK Newsroom. The National Weather Service will now confirm if it was a tornado.

"All of a sudden, right before my eyes, a water spout suddenly came out of the blue," Eloise Thomson of Naples recalled.

Southwest Florida's daily storms aren't always a camera-worthy event but this waterspout had people everywhere pressing record. Hayden and Hugh Hoffman shot incredible cell phone video from their 15th floor room as they peered down on the marina.

"The trees started swaying and I just saw these waves coming and it started swirling and I said, whoa, look at that," Hugh Hoffman said. "It was cool to see but kind of scary, too."

And, Byron Alvarado, who is visiting from New York, now has a video souvenir to bring back home. "It was a long funnel coming from the sky all the way to the ground," Alvarado said. "I'vee seen it on TV but never in-person."

Even seasoned Floridians who've weathered their fair share of storms were blown away by the funnel. "It just kept growing bigger and bigger and bigger," Thomson said. "That's what living in Florida is all about!"

A homeowner on El Dorado Parkway in the southwest Cape tells WINK News the storm damaged his home. We saw hole in the roof, the boards underneath exposed and shingles torn off. The man who lives here says his neighbor's house also has some roof damage. At this point, this is the worst damage that we've seen.