Published: Jun 27, 2014 11:40 PM EDT

NAPLES, Fl. - The Humane Society of Naples has alerted authorities about bogus donation boxes recently popping up in stores around town.

Since our story aired on Thursday, the Humane Society tells WINK News they have received several calls from businesses about these donation boxes.

They said some businesses are taking the questionable plastic boxes down or even bringing the boxes to them.

On Friday afternoon, the Humane Society of Naples filed a report about them with the Collier County Sheriff's Office. Andy Reed with the Humane Society said deputies took a donation box dropped off to them by a business owner. He tells WINK News there was a significant amount donated in a short amount of time. "Within the past couple of days there was already $17 in there. But, they have been placing them around over the past 4 days, its been a fairly recent occurrence, so yes when you multiple that by possibly the hundreds; that will add up really quickly."

Deputies took the questionable donation box with the money in it. Reed said they are working to try and identify the person dropping off the donation boxes.

It's unclear at this time home many businesses these boxes have been dropped off to.

"I would just like the people to stop doing it because it's very deceptive practice that they're doing" said Michael Simonik, the Executive Director of the Humane Society of Naples.

Earlier this week, businesses in the Merquesa Plaza tell WINK News they were approached by a man with a southern accent about the donation boxes.

"I knew he was a scammer.I told him I'm from New Jersey I was born at night but not last night" said Camille Loge at Mequesa Veterinary Clinic.

And while some didn't fall for it,WINK News did find it in a couple stores there. Simonik said that's frustrating."People whomight want to donate for homeless pets or to help animals in need that's not where the money's going it's not going to the animals it's going into someone's pocket."

The Humane Society has 100 legitimate donation boxes in stores around Naples. They make $15,000 a year with that revenue.