Published: Jun 26, 2014 9:52 PM EDT
Updated: Jun 26, 2014 10:46 PM EDT


A well deserved gift for an American hero.
A purple heart recipient has a car that's become unreliable. But that's all changed.

Sergeant Bobby Miniaci is now the proud owner of a Toyota Camry, donated to him by Jaguar Fort Myers.

"Surpassed my expectations, I mean who gives away a free car. Actually I want to thank you everyone here they made sure to clean the car up real nice," said Miniaci. 

Miniaci was shot in the leg while serving as a combat engineer overseas. He became involved with the Miles of Smiles Foundation through FGCU. Now he receives equine therapy there for his PTSD.

He became close with owners Keith and Gail Doxie, who knew they had to do something special for him.

"It's awesome. If you saw what Bobby was driving before. It didn't do him justice when you see the Purple Heart license plate on the back of his previous car," said Keith Doxie .

They also say his old car was irritating his injury.

It was a relentess mission to find him something brand new, and that's when Fort Myers Jaguard stepped in. It took them months to find Bobby the right car.

"You know when I went to Miles of Smiles event and Gail said were looking, if you could help us out with a car, I said to myself of course," said Brian Delnegro, GM of Audi and Jaguar Fort Myers.

Bobby said he couldn't thank everyone enough.

And his first trip? To visit his friend in Bradenton whose battling cancer, and take him to the movies. 

For more information on the Miles for Smiles foundation, click on the link below.