Published: Jun 25, 2014 10:27 PM EDT
Updated: Jun 26, 2014 12:04 AM EDT

ESTERO, FL--Melissa Maner is the aunt of 3-year old Innocence Davis and 2-year old Caspian Thomas.
Tuesday, when the brother and sister went missing, Maner feared the worst.

"My fear was that we would not find them. Or if we did it would be too late," said Maner.

Aafter the massive search, both children were found dirty, scratched and dehydrated, according to deputies

"They don't know what is going on. they are scared, the are hungry, they are tired," said Maner.

Their parents, Rachel Davis and Cole Thomas were thrown in jail and are facing child neglect charges.
The two told Deputies they were asleep when their children walked out of their home at the Covered Wagon trailer park in Estero.
Now that Innocence and Caspian are with foster parents, Maner is fighting to get them into her care.

"Having Innocence and Caspian go with family is the best possible solution," said Maner.

Deputies also tell WINK News, Rachel Davis was reported to the Department of Children and Families 6 times in the past for allegations of child neglect.
Local defense attorney, Scott Moorey, says neglect is a step under child abuse.
"Child neglect doesn't have to be intentional, but is an act that is so wreckless that could cause some sort of injury to a child," said Moorey.

When Maner saw everyone who came to help her family Tuesday, it gave her a new sense of hope.
"I want to thank everybody involved. the agencies, the viewers who prayed and kept an eye out, just everybody, because without them we would not have them," said Maner.