Published: Jun 25, 2014 9:58 PM EDT
Updated: Jun 25, 2014 11:02 PM EDT

COLLIER COUNTY, Fla.- "He said give me all your stuff, I said your'e not getting anything from me."

Che Orr tells only WINK News, a bike ride Monday night quickly turned terrifying only blocks from her East Naples home.

"He grabbed me and tried to choke me," said Orr.

But Orr said she wouldn't go down easily. Her instincts kicked in and she fought back.

"My arms were free so I grabbed him from underneath and I tried to pull his family life out. A young man was running up saying 'Hey leave her alone' and he let go of me, and he took off through a brush area."

Self defense expert Mark Gabel tells WINK News, Orr did the right thing by grabbing the suspect in the groin.

"It doesn't matter how big a guy is, you know what I mean, he could be Arnold Schwarzenegger and his groin, eyes, and his throat are just as vulnerable as anyone else," said Gabel.

The crook got away with medicine and money.

"I saw him bend down and I heard him say score."

But on Tuesday deputies said they tracked down the suspect, 38 year old Richard Parker at St. Matthew's House. According to his arrest report, he denied the whole thing.

"He just ran into the wrong girl. I'm not gonna give my stuff up, I'm not gonna comply, I'm sorry you're gonna have to kill me to get my stuff."

Orr is grateful to the man who helped her and happy the crook is off the streets.

"He made a really bad decision and my job was to report it. He cant do it to anyone else."

Deputies say Orr and the witness were able to identify the suspect from a six person photo line up. Parker faces charges of burglary and battery.