Published: Jun 24, 2014 12:51 AM EDT

COLLIER COUNTY, Fl. - Deputies busted a man they say staged a home invasion and kidnapping. The Collier County Sheriff's Office said he even went as far as hiding in the trunk of his car.

It was the sound of sirens that helped deputies get to 24-year old Michael Pilecki Friday night.

Deputies say he called 911 from inside the trunk of his own car. He told the dispatcher he had been robbed at his home and kidnapped.

Dispatchers were able to track Pilecki to Triangle Boulevard by the GPS signal from his cell phone. When deputies got to him he was out of his car, standing there in his underwear.

Pilecki's home is about 2 miles away from where he was found. He told deputies 2 armed black men broke into his home 10 hours earlier and threatened him for cash and gold.But when he didn't have any the 2 suspects ordered him to drive them to at least 4 different homes and that they drank beer while riding in the back of his car.

Deputies eventually learned Pilecki pawned his computer at the exact moment he claimed the 2 men were holding a gun to his head.

They said he later admitted that he sold his computer for drug money and didn't know what to tell his family, so he hid in his trunk and faked the whole kidnapping.

Fake calls like this aren't cheap, it's your moneyand WINK News has confirmed investigating this hoax cost more than $800.

When Pilecki was arrested, he was actually out of jail on bond because of a previous drug arrest.

He now faces charges of false reporting and misusing 911.