Published: Jun 21, 2014 11:48 PM EDT
Updated: Jun 22, 2014 12:00 AM EDT

FORT MYERS, Fla. - Meet 16-year-old, 5-foot-2-inch, Adrian Dougherty. Before you make your first impression, however, there's something else you should know; she can lift a lot.

"My family, were all short and stocky, so it works in my favor for weightlifting," she said.

Most of the time, you can find her testing her limits at Crossfit 239 in Fort Myers. Other hours of the day, you can spot her working at a local donut shop. Most recently, though, she was in the 2014 USA Youth National Championship weightlifting competition in Daytona Beach.

"It was a good competition," Dougherty said, "It was a fight all the way through."

She faced the most fierce youth weightlifters in the United States, and she didn't do too shabby. Using two techniques, the snatch and the clean and jerk, Dougherty's goal was to get the highest total weight. She snatched 132 pounds and pulled 182.6 pounds in the clean and jerk. It came down to her and another friendly competitor from Sarasota for the top spot.

"It was a good competition. It was just very very close," she said with a competitive laugh. "So I was just like...I almost got it!"

By lifting just a smidge less than another girl in her weightclass and age group, this little local lifter snatched up second place! Since settling at second doesn't bode well for the jock, she's already setting her sights on the next competition.

Dougherty will be too old for the Youth Nationals next year, so it's on to the junior level. She plans to compete in the American Open in December in Washington, D.C..

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