Collier County Sheriff's Office

Published: Jun 21, 2014 9:33 PM EDT

A violent attack at a busy southwest Florida intersection lands a Naples man behind bars, deputies say.

According to investigators, Juan Pablo Molina punched a driver in the head for cutting him off.

It happened Friday night along Immokalee Road near Interstate 75.

According to the arrest report for Molina, several other motorists witnessed the attack.

The victim told deputies he was sitting at a traffic light, when Molina approached his car and started yelling at him.  When the victim tried to ignore it, Molina punched him several times in the head, according to deputies.

Deputies are not releasing the victim's name, though Molina's arrest report says the victim was bruised, but otherwise OK.

Three witnesses identified Molina as the person who hit the other driver.

He was arrested for battery.