Published: Jun 18, 2014 7:04 PM EDT

COLLIER COUNTY, Fla.- A Hollywood, Florida man has filed a ethics complaint against Governor Rick Scott.

John Lundin, who is a Demorat, filed the complaint with the Ethics Commission after the Miami Herald reported Gov. Scott had financial ties with an oil drilling company working in Collier County. In the two-page document obtained by WINK News reads Governor Scott is in violation of Florida statue.

Gov. Scott released tax documents dating back to 2011. According to the Miami Herald, in those documents it cites the Governor had a blind trust that had $135,000 invested in Schlumberger Ltd., an oil services company. The Herald reported Schlumberger worked with Dan A. Hughes, the oil company under investigation for fracking in Golden Gate Estates. Governor Scott oversees the Department of Environmental Protection, which regulates oil companies.

"This company is involved with creating the oil permits with the Dan A. Hughes oil company who is the evil oil company that we're all against," Lundin said. "To me that is a conflict of interest...Back in 2011, when he had this investment with that company, right there, that was a financial conflict of interest."

WINK News asked Governor Scott if he thought this was a conflict of interest.

"I filed the ethics commission recommendation. I put my assets in a blind trust, so I wouldn't have a conflict of interest," Gov. Scott said.

However, in the complaint filed by Lundin it read, "To avoid the financial conflict of interest, in 2011, Governor Scott should have instructed his brokerage firm, C.L. King & Associates, that manages the Schlumberger Ltd. blind trust portfolio to divest the governor of any financial investments that he as governor oversees through the executive branch of the Department of Environmental Protection."

The Ethics Commission must decide if the allegations are legally sufficient before it decides to investigate/dismiss the complaint. Lundin told WINK News that could take weeks.

Meanwhile, a spokesperson for Gov. Scott's campaign said Schlumberger Ltd. is no longer a financial asset.