Published: Jun 17, 2014 10:36 PM EDT

COLLIER COUNTY, Fla.- "Where was your little boy at, why don't you want to talk?"

Ignoring our questions, only WINK News has exclusive video of a Collier County mother bringing her two year old son home, after deputies said he snuck out and wandered around their East Naples apartment complex. Detectives tell WINK News that mom left her son with his 11 year old brother while she went grocery shopping. That brother fell asleep and that's when deputies said the two year old walked right out the door. Quick thinking children in the area spotted him and rushed in to help.

"I thought he was sad because he was right there in the street."

"I decided to go to his house, at the same building he was in front of to see if his mom was there."

When no one answered, they went door to door, asked other parents for help.

"I think the mom should be more protective of not letting the boy out of the house."

Tamara Bastien said the little boy was dirty, his diaper was soiled, but he seemed okay.

"And I took the kid and I was looking around for about an hour looking for the parents. And my mom gave him a diaper change because he was full yea," said Bastien.

After more than three hours, deputies said they finally reached the boy's mother who carried him back home.

"You don't leave a kid unattended in the house."

The Sheriff's Office said the mother has not been arrested, but they will discuss the case with the State Attorney's office.