Published: Jun 16, 2014 8:45 PM EDT

SARASOTA, FL - OJ Simpson sits in a Nevada prision, accused of armed robbery and a host of other charges. He is most remembered, not for his Heismann trophy or his "Naked Gun" movies, but for what some called the "Trial of the Century". OJ Simpson, accused in the greusome murders of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman, Jr. The "slow speed chase" down a Los Angeles freeway was watched live by millions of people. OJ's trial verdict was reportedly watched by more than half of America. But Southwest Florida residents Norman Pardo and his wife Jill Mitchell believe their friend OJ did not kill anyone and they want to get their message out. Pardo was OJ's manager and says he still believes in his client. "OJ sells if he's guilty.", Pardo says. He believes despite being aquitted, the former football star has to remain 'guilty' in the eyes of the media to remain a money maker for syndicated TV. "They can't turn it around now.", Pardo says. His wife Jill says she speaks with OJ often and they talk about how OJ gets through the days and nights behind bars. "He likes fantasy football A LOT.", Mitchell says. She also says OJ is managing a prison baseball team. "When I met him I thought I was going to be meeting this fire breathing dragon!", she says about her first encounter with OJ after his aquittal. "Yes, I thought he was guilty.", she says. Mitchell changed her mind after their first meeting and remains a firm believer in his innocents to this day.