Published: Jun 14, 2014 10:25 PM EDT

Sometimes, heroes need help, too.

All day, people in southwest Florida rallied around one of their own, as a member of the Fort Myers Fire Department battles cancer.

Hundreds of people turned out for Bikes, Beer and Bill; an all-day event throughout Lee County, ending with a block party in downtown Fort Myers.  FMFD hosted the event to raise money for Bill Damewood, an engineer battling stage three colon cancer.

Damewood told WINK News that his diagnosis came suddenly, earlier this year, after a routine physical required by the fire department.

"I was really calm," Damewood said. "(I) just figured we would start treatment and get through it, and it'll be taken care of."

"Bill is a great guy -- very caring guy.  (He) likes to listen. He's got a sick sense of humor like the majority of the rest of us," said Deryck Bjerke, a firefighter in Fort Myers.  "We should all be doing this at any given time for each other.  It's what we do on a daily level for the general public, so when it's one of our own, we're definitely going to go to whatever it takes to accomplish it."