Published: Jun 13, 2014 11:22 PM EDT

LEHIGH ACRES, FL.--Farah Essart's bank account is overdrawn $1,700.

She has bills to pay and pets to support, but cant do any of that because Essart says she was scammed.

"It didn't sound like a scam because it was very professional," she said.

Essart reported to Lee County Deputies that she received an e-mail from what appeared to be a recruiter for Secret Shoppers.
"He asked me to send him my name and address to see if I would be interested," said Essart.

Next thing she knew, legitimate looking cashiers checks arrived in the mail--each for more than $2,400.
Essart says she was instructed to deposit the checks in to her bank account and then send money grams to people in the Phillipines.

"I got a message from my bank saying I am negative $1,760 dollars," said Essart.

It turns out that those cashiers checks were fake.
And Essart says her bank now needs to be paid back.

"They said it was my fault because I signed behind the check and it is not their responsibility," she said.

WINK News tried calling this alleged Secret Shoppers recruiter, but there was no answer.
The legitimate Secret Shopper website even has a scam warning making people aware of this type of fraud.