Published: Jun 13, 2014 10:29 PM EDT
Updated: Jun 13, 2014 11:49 PM EDT

CAPE CORAL, Fla. - Two witnesses tell WINK News they tried to calm a dispute on the road but ended up being targeted by a gunman.

We are uncovering new details about  a road rage incident that erupted in the streets of Cape Coral Thursday night. It happened in the 2800 block of Santa Barbara Boulevard. Witness who asked not to be identified say it all started over an argument over speed between a 51-year-old bicyclist and 29-year-old driver Pascual Ruiz. "I pretty much saw a bicyclist almost get hit," the witness said. "I pulled over to see if he was okay. There ended up being a tussle between the two. He said, look, I yelled at you to do 35-40 in my neighborhood, not 100."

"I said, listen, you touch that old man and I am going to jump out of the truck and I am going to have to handle it," another witness said. "As soon as I said that, he (Ruiz) reached under the driver's seat and pulled out a 9mm. As soon as he pulled out the 9mm, I took off in the truck. He laid 4 in the air and the 5th one came around Santa Barbara, shot right at my truck."

No one was hurt. Police arrested Ruiz for aggravated assault. His family does not deny the allegations.

"My kid is in jail," Ruiz's father said. "Whatever he did, he did."

"He was drunk and high at the same time," his sister Sabrina Ruiz said.

Still, Ruiz's attorney asks people to keep an open mind. "mr. Ruiz isn't the type of person that, for no reason, as this police report indicates, that he is going to go around, start chasing after people on a bicycle and start shooting them," Criminal Defense Attorney Joseph Viacava said.

"It is definitely a life-changing matter when you're in a position like that," the first witness said. "It is just scary, puts you through a whole different level, makes you think, what is this town really coming to?"

Ruiz remains in the Lee County Jail.

The two men WINK News spoke with say the bicyclist was fine after the whole ordeal and say he even invited them to his house for dinner to say thank you.