Published: Jun 07, 2014 10:55 PM EDT

A woman is clinging to life in Lee Memorial Hospital, after surviving a fiery car crash Friday evening.

Kasey Johnson, 22, is in critical condition.

"We heard a big boom outside of our house," said Landon Jenkins, who helped pull Johnson out of her car, moments after it crashed into two trees along State Road 82 near Shawnee Road.

"We could see the smoke and smell it, and we just heard the girls screaming," said Shannon Jenkins, Landon's mother.  "I have children. So those -- all I could think about was those are somebody's babies."

Fort Myers Police say Johnson fell asleep behind the wheel.

Her passenger, Jessica Armstrong, 20, broke a toe, but is otherwise OK.

Johnson was supposed to return to work Saturday, waiting tables at Stampede 131 in Lee County.  Her coworkers told WINK News they were struggling to hold back tears.

Alex Basile, the manager at Stampede 131, said he and his employees want to raise money for Johnson's family, and bring her her favorite candy in the hospital.

"See you soon," Basile said. "We'll have some mints waiting!"

Police are investigating whether or not alcohol was involved in the crash.  

On Saturday, Armstrong posted on Facebook, saying neither she nor Johnson were drinking.  She said they had gone to the store to buy Draino.