Published: Jun 06, 2014 6:30 PM EDT
Updated: Jun 06, 2014 6:32 PM EDT

MARCO ISLAND, Fla. - Homeowners on Marco Island are on alert after thieves swiped three cars, broke into 17 cars and three homes in the past 72 hours.  The majority of the crimes are in the area of Saxton Street and Jamaica Road. Police say in almost all of the instances owners left their cars and homes unlocked.

"It's just unsettling that someone's been in your property and taking things from your property," said homeowner Bette Little.  "I think that's the discouraging part of it."

Little and her husband, John, are double checking their locks.

"You come down here, you don't expect that," said John Little.

The burglars stole three cars and stole items like wallets, credit cards, prescription drugs and electronics from 13 vehicles and three homes.  It's more crime for Marco in 72 hours than most of last year.

"I'm angry," said Acting Police Chief Dave Baer. "I'm more than surprised. I'm angry. I don't like it happening."

Detectives did get some leads after finding one of the vehicles near a crime scene.

"We had the crime scene unit come out," said Acting Chief Baer. "We wanted to process the crime scene. We called K9 for a person track and the aviation unit to catch a jump on them."

In almost every incident, the victims didn't lock their doors. 

"Almost all of these events and the theft of the vehicles wouldn't have occurred if everything was locked and the keys weren't in the vehicle," said Acting Chief Baer.

Now police are warning neighbors to lock up. The Littles say they will.

"Unfortunate," said Bette Little. "It's a beautiful area.  Its beautiful to rest and relax, so I am surprised."