Published: Jun 03, 2014 1:04 PM EDT
Updated: Jun 04, 2014 7:23 AM EDT

LEE COUNTY, Fla.- The Lee County Sheriff's Office has announced the arrests of 24 accused sexual predators in an organized bust called "Operation Safe Summer."

The suspects range in ages from 20 to 74 years old.

A week-long sting in Lee County targeting online sexual predators was part of a statewide initiative.

Approximately 40 deputies, detectives and agents worked collaboratively to identify and arrest the accused adults. The suspects communicated via social networking sites with plans to meet and commit sex acts with children 14-15 years of age.

The operation required three months of preparation and utilized a home in Lee County where the arrests took place. Several of those arrested arrived in possession of illegal narcotics.

Local behavioral forensics analyst, Duane Dobbert, tells WINK News, many times in operations like these have younger females posing as teens online.

"She will remember what it was like to be 14. She will talk to the adolescents, and know the language of the adolescents," said Dobbert.

Local defense attorney, Scott Moorey, is defending at least two of the men arrested. Moorey says many of the men may take ple deals, some may go to trial, and others cases could be dismessed if it is found that the undercover agents went too far.

"In essence taking someone who was not pre-disposed to commit a crime and pushing them over the edge," said Moorey.

The following have been arrested in connection with "Operation Safe Summer":

Gustavo Duran Quintero, DOB 9-4-62, of 1303 SE 2nd Terrace, Cape Coral

Armando Solis, DOB 6-24-91, of 1148 Pisa East Street, Lehigh Acres

Robert Brindley, DOB 1-27-88, of 5371 Neal Road, Fort Myers

Paul Cuzzocrea, DOB 5-4-87, of 734 Fargo Drive, Fort Myers

Eric Arambula, DOB 3-27-78, of 5114 29th Street SW, Lehigh Acres

Joshua Yslas, DOB 4-26-90, of 3908 West 24th Street, Lehigh Acres

Joshua Rivera, DOB 3-9-86, of 1523 Lindale Circle, Lehigh Acres

Daniel Ibanez, DOB 3-20-88, of 111 Polk Street, Lake Placid

George Moorman, DOB 7-29-83, of 228 Ichabod Drive, Lehigh Acres

Burel Brutus, DOB 1-8-74, 4305 Douglas Lane, Lehigh Acres

William Merrick, DOB 12-21-82, of 231 Cultural Park Boulevard Apt A, Cape Coral

Jose Pacheco, DOB 3-9-84, of 8192 Pelican Road, Fort Myers

Russell Snider Sr., DOB 3-23-40, of 25912 Aysen Drive, Punta Gorda

Douglas Haggerty, DOB 2-9-71, of 1750 North Tamiami Trail, Fort Myers

Chen Feraro, DOB 9-14-80, of 1548 Cordova Avenue, Fort Myers

Josue Cardosa, DOB 9-23-91, of 7615 Carrier Road, Fort Myers

George Fajardo, DOB 1-27-87, of 2368 NW 38th Place, Cape Coral

Michael Rhum, DOB 6-13-84, of 5406 Wilson Drive, Punta Gorda

Michael Horn, DOB 2-7-81, of 225 Sacramento Street, North Fort Myers

Caleb Barnhouse, DOB 1-13-94, of 15400 Huntington Court, Fort Myers

Onel Coombs, 11-27-92, of 846 Grant Boulevard, Lehigh Acres

Reginald Charles, DOB 1-7-77, of 3541 Evans Avenue Apt D-102, Fort Myers

Joshua Hill, DOB 5-21-91, of 3321 Ottawo Circle Apt.3, Fort Myers

Alexis Rizo Jr., DOB 10-11-93, of 5855 West 3rd Lane, Hialeah