Published: May 29, 2014 8:19 PM EDT
Updated: May 30, 2014 10:56 AM EDT

COLLIER COUNTY, Fla. - A Miami Heat fan from Naples is becoming an internet sensation and he's only 11. 

Gianni Zandri goes to school, has fun with friends, shoots hoops and is one of the biggest Miami Heat fan, ever.

"I want to be a basketball player actually, maybe a point guard," said Zandri.

Wink News caught up with Zandri at the Sports Club Center in Naples where he practices each week.  He's working hard just to be like his idol Chris "Birdman" Anderson.  The Heat star is a fan favorite. 

"He hustles to get back to the court," said Zandri.  "I think he should be a starter.

Zandri likes 'Birdman' so much he went to game four of the NBA finals on Monday dressed just like him.  Complete with the mohawk and a full tattoo sleeve.  Although his sleeve eventually wore off.

"It stays a long time, but when I sweat a little it smears but I try not to think of it," said Zandri.

That artwork took four and a half hours and a lot of Sharpies.

"A lot of people wanted to take my picture," said Zandri.

Zandri got so much attention looking like Birdman, ESPN even gave him a post-game interview.  His nickname Lil Birdman stuck, though not everyone likes the hair.

"Some girls think it looks gross," said Zandri.  "But I think it looks fine."

Just like his idol Lil Birdman will keep practicing to see just how high he can soar, too.