Published: May 28, 2014 10:15 PM EDT
Updated: May 28, 2014 10:41 PM EDT

HENDRY COUNTY, Fla.- "It's pretty scary."

Only WINK News rode along, side by side with fire fighters Wednesday as they battled a 75 acre blaze in Hendry County. This is just one of the many homes that was only feet away from the dangerous flames. You can see this backyard blackened.

"I came out at about 1:30 ,naked, out of my house so I said well I gotta put a fire out."

So Robin Siegel grabbed a hose in her backyard and started spraying.

"And then some firemen came and best I could do was give em the back shot and wave and put the fire out over here."

Earlier in the day, fire fighters went door to door through the Montura Ranch Estates neighborhood, giving people a chance to evacuate their homes just in case. But no one took up that offer. Siegel had considered leaving, she even packed up her car. But in the end, she decided against it.

"Because I figured once I left, they wouldn't let me back in again. So I figured just stay here awhile and see what happens," said Siegel.

WINK News is learning nearly a dozen agencies fought the flames and saved all the homes nearby. Siegel said she's grateful for all of their hard work.

"They were working four hours out here with us, so I'm really proud of them."