Published: May 28, 2014 3:54 PM EDT
Updated: May 28, 2014 6:01 PM EDT

LEE COUNTY, Fla. - "Eyes on the kids" is the message of a new campaign aimed at keeping your kids safe in the water. The push comes just days after a child drown at the Cape Coral Yacht Club.

The message is simple. Put down your phone. Put down your book, and keep your eyes on your child in the water. Because if you don't, it only takes a second for a child to lose its life. 

It was a heartbreaking scene last Saturday. No one could find a little boy at the Cape Coral Yacht Club until fire department divers found his lifeless body in the water. 

In Florida, drowning is among the leading causes of death for children ages one to four. 

According to Florida's Department of Children and Families, since the start of this year, 28 reported child drownings have been called into the Florida Abuse Hotline.

That's 28 lives DCF Press Secretary Michelle Glady says could have been saved. "There's a lot of ways that children fall victim to this but supervising children is one of the ways that it can be prevented. Also having barriers in your house. Children can get out of unlocked doorsThere needs to be gates around pools," she said. 

That's also the message of public service announcements which imply that in just seconds, without gates or supervision, a trip to grab a ball in the water can be fatal. 

Glady says you need to designate a "water water", which is someone to keep an eye on the child at all times.

"Even children who know how to swim they need to be watched," Glady said. "The focus needs to be on the child at all times to prevent a tragedy from happening."

This campaign also highlights the importance of swimming lessonsand emergency preparedness.
As far as last Saturday's drowning at the Cape Coral Yacht Club, police have yet to release the child's name or age.