Published: May 28, 2014 11:03 AM EDT
Updated: May 28, 2014 4:42 PM EDT

CAPE CORAL, Fla.- A Cape Coral teen accused of brutally stabbing his father to death will spend six years in prison for the crime. Baron Verzi was 17 at the time. Wednesday, he plead no contest to manslaughter.

Baron's grandmother says she is happy with the deal. According to her, Thomas Verzi's death in December 2012 was a horrible accident. 

"He is great, loving, fun, very intelligent, just a great kid," said Sylvia Youngers.

That's the grandson Youngers says she remembers, not the man you in handcuffs, who plead no contest Wednesday to brutally stabbing, and killing his father back in December 2012.

"He's extremely remorseful. I mean his dad was his best friend," said his lawyer, Michael Rosen.

The plea deal puts Verzi behind bars for six years.

His grandmother says that deal is something his father, Thomas, would have approved of.

"We wanted the best for Baron and he's got a chance, he's got a chance now, he'll do great," said Youngers.

Youngers says it was years of drugs and mental illness that led Verzi to snap.

A month before the murder, Thomas took his son to the Vista Center, concerned about his strange behavior. Verzi tried to escape and attacked a deputy.

Court documents obtained by WINK News show multiple doctors did in fact determine Verzi was "psychotic." 

And deputies found steroids in the home after witnesses told them, his father injected his son with steroids for months, but Verzi's attorney says Baron has since gotten help.

"He went from a delusional 17-year-old child that had a psychosis to someone that understands what happened and wants to put it behind him," said Rosen.

"Today is my justice, that he (Baron) is going to have a chance," said Youngers.

Verzi's brother, Thomas Verzi Junior, told the judge he didn't want the plea deal, saying his brother hasn't gotten enough help.

Baron Verzi will get credit for time served, meaning he'll serve only five years behind bars.