Published: May 27, 2014 5:43 PM EDT
Updated: May 27, 2014 10:25 PM EDT

DESOTO COUNTY, Fla.- Shocking allegations against Arcadia's top official cost him his job in another Florida city.

WINK News has obtained a copy of an investigation carried out by the City of Venice, into its former Manager of Development Services, Tom Slaughter.

The report reads, "Tom asked the female employee, 'What does this mean to you?' While making a hand and tongue gesture that they clearly understood to be a reference to oral sex."

The report also says Slaughter's coworkers witnessed him "laughing and saying that a city employee with a physical disability, 'looks and acts like a monkey,' while making arm gestures like that of a monkey."

The list of allegations continues, and also includes leaving work early and sleeping on the job.

Slaughter resigned in 2011, after the report was published.

He reached a settlement with the City of Venice.  Terms of the settlement included six weeks severance pay for Slaughter, and neither party could say anything damaging about the other.

Now, Slaughter is Arcadia's City Administrator.  His appointment was made official earlier this month, after he served as interim administrator for seven months.

"I have found that planners make excellent managers, because planners are the ones that make your city grow, increase the tax revenue and increase the tax base," said Joe Fink, Arcadia's Deputy Mayor.  "That's what I'm hoping Mr. Slaughter will do."

When the City Council appointed Slaughter to the interim post last October, their decision was unanimous.

Fink said he was aware of Venice's allegations against Slaughter.

"(Arcadia) hired Tom Slaughter because he was qualified," Fink said.

Slaughter worked for the City of Venice for 13 years.  According to the report, he had a stellar reputation as an employee until September, 2011.

Fink said Slaughter has not been involved in any negative incidents since he started working for Arcadia last October.