Published: May 22, 2014 11:40 AM EDT
Updated: May 22, 2014 11:54 AM EDT

COLLIER COUNTY, Fla. - A tip to SWFL Crimestoppers led deputies to the men they say are responsible for the violent home invasions in Collier and Orange Counties.  The tip led to the arrests of Frank Bower Jr., Andres Perez, Ricky Contreras and Johnathan Contreras. 

So far, the tipster will only receive $1 thousand until Crimestoppers can decide when to award another $26 thousand 500 donated by concerned homeowners across the county.  The $1 thousand is about $500 more than most tipsters get because the crimes were so violent.

New documents released by the Orange County Sheriff's Office shows during the Windermere home invasion the men wore all black, had handguns, bound the two residents with plastic zip ties and put pillowcases over their heads.  Deputies say they also damaged any electronics the victims could use to call for help.

The suspects allegedly stole $18 hundred in cash and $25 thousands worth of jewelry. 

Wink News also found out that Frank Bower Jr., admitted to detectives he was involved in the home invasion in Windermere and gave up his alleged partner Ricky Contreraswho was on the run after the crime.

In newly released documents obtained by Wink News, Bower Jr., told deputies the other suspect in the home invasion wasJohnathan Contreras' father, Ricky Contreras.  Bower Jr., also said he was was invited to participate in the robberies by the Contreras family who live in Immokalee.  But, Bower claimed the Windermere home invasion was his first.  He also told deputies Naples resident, Andres Perez was the leader of the group.

The anonymous tip into SWFL Crimestoppers after the home invasion in Winderemere prompted deputies to watch the suspects.  They eventually caught them breaking into a home in Orlando.