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Published: May 20, 2014 5:45 PM EDT

Collier County, Fla., - Cutting edge communication is coming to one local school.

The Elizabeth Seton Catholic School in Golden Gate is helping parents stay informed on the go.  School leaders created an app and are rolling it out this week.

"I think keeping up with technology is vital," said assistant principal Marrie McLaughlin.  "It's the world our kids live in."

Now, if there's an emergency, parents can get push notifications on their phone.  Parents can also report an absence, check grades, find out a time and place for sporting events and submit pictures.

"I think contact is always a good thing," said parent Jenny Stupinski.  "Communication is critical so for us as parents to be able to communicate with the school and in this way its going to be very beneficial."

Parents at the school helped pay for the app.  It cost about $5 thousand and is available on Google and iTunes.