Published: May 16, 2014 12:17 PM EDT
Updated: May 16, 2014 6:27 PM EDT

LEE COUNTY, Fla.- The 70-year-old man accused of killing two people on a boat at Fort Myers Beach is now being held without bond.

Michael Spiegel is behind bars for his alleged involvement in the murders of a man and woman at Salty Sam's Marina yesterday.

The Lee County Sheriff's Office included details from witnesses that say Spiegel sought out the boat where his ex-wife and her boyfriend were staying the day before he allegedly killed them. It also shows what deputies found on his person when they arrested him.

Video shows Spiegel appearing before a Lee County judge for the first time since his arrest yesterday.

According to the report, yesterday morning, witnesses saw Michael Spiegel enter the boat "Bella Mar," where his ex-wife Marilyn Spiegel and her reported boyfriend, Harry Carlip, were staying. Witnesses say he was carrying a briefcase. They say they heard three gun shots go off, then a pause, and then more gun fire. The report also says deputies responded and found Spiegel walking away from the dock, wearing a rain coat and covered in blood. Deputies searched a briefcase and found a firearm, bloody knife, zip ties and sexual items.    

Spiegel was arrested for First Degree Murder and also Arson, because deputies say when they arrived to the boat "Bella Mar," there was small fire burning inside, set with a propane torch and all the knobs on the stove were turned on.

Deputies say they believe that was Speigel's attempt to destroy evidence of his alleged crime.