Published: May 13, 2014 8:27 PM EDT

Collier County, Fla., - It's your money and Collier County officials may have to use even more of it to clean out Clam Pass.  Neighbors say the sand is starting to fill in again.

Last January, Stephen Silk watched as concerned neighbors picked up their shovels to clear out the sand. 

"A few times I walked across it myself and it felt strange," said Silk.  "Like walking on water or where water used to be."

The county stepped in and spent $250 thousand of tourist tax money to dredge the pass.  It was supposed to keep it clear for two years, but just a little more than a year later, the county's back where it started.

"This winter we had a number of storms and sand drifted into the pass and the tidal forces just weren't strong enough to keep the sand out," said County Commissioner Georgia HIller.

Hiller says if the pass closes it will threaten the mangrove preserve in Clam Bay.

"We need to have tidal flushing and water flowing through the roots of the mangroves to keep them alive," said Hiller.

Now, many neighbors want the pass dredged again.  Silk understands the way they feel, but tells Wink News he'd like the county to study the idea more.  He's concerned Mother Nature may want the pass to close.

"Keep an eye on the surrounding area to see the effect on it," said Silk.

Commissioner Hiller tells Wink News the board will be pulling another permit for the dredging.