Published: May 09, 2014 7:09 PM EDT
Updated: May 09, 2014 7:17 PM EDT

North Naples, Fla., - Life will never be the same for Marina Kolesnikova.  She'll never get to hug her father again or spend time with him barbequing in their back yard.  He was taken from her Sunday night, when he was murdered at their home.

"They took his life in a split second and changed all our lives," said Kolesnikova.

Deputies arrested their neighbor, Robert Moulton for second degree murder.  But, Kolesnikova says his wife Deborah was truly the woman behind the man.

"She was a mastermind behind the shooting from the very beginning I never doubt it," said Kolesnikova.

Kolesnikova says Deborah Moulton instigated almost every altercation the two families had in the past ten years.  Her mother Olga has taken out two restraining orders on Moulton.  She called 911 on Tuesday when Moulton started yelling at her from over her fence.  Deputies took Moulton in for a mental health evaluation.  On Thursday, Lee County deputies arrested her as she was leaving a facility in Health Park for her involvement as a principle in the murder.  Authorities say it makes her just as liable as if she had pulled the trigger.

"She was the one from the very beginning," said Kolesnikova.  "I was just waiting for this day."

Kolesnikova says she and her mother feel safer now that both Moultons are behind bars, but that doesn't change that she'll never see her father again.

"He was an irreplaceable dad and husband to my mom," said Kolesnikova.  "There will never be another dad like him."