Published: May 08, 2014 3:36 PM EDT
Updated: May 08, 2014 4:48 PM EDT

LEE COUNTY, Fla.-WINK News continues to follow developing details from a boat accident you first saw yesterday on WINK News at four.

Tonight, we are learning the names of the two boaters involved, Thomas Voli of Cape Coral and Mark Toscano from California, were on the boat that hit a channel marker in Pine Island Sound.

"Things can so quickly turn bad and down you go."

Florida Fish and Wildlife officers are still investigating what may have happened right before a boat hit a channel marker on Pine Island Sound. 

"They are no like cars, they don't stop, there is no brakes, they just don't steer the same. People think they are like cars, but car rules are way different from boat rules," said David Skiff Public Education Officer for Coast Guard Auxiliary.

WINK News is learning new information, on board was boat operator 54-year-old Thomas Voli and his passenger 50-year-old Mark Toscano.

WINK News cameras were at Lee Memorial Hospital as Toscano was air lifted after being ejected from the boat.

"It's no different, you drive a car you wouldn't hit a pole, why would you hit one on a boat? A boat takes a lot of attention," said Skiff.   FWC tells WINK News it appears the two were distracted, checking their fishing gear when they crashed into this mile marker.

 You are supposed to have someone who is watching, if you have a wreck or you hit something, or somebody get's killed, you better be able to explain why they aren't there."

F-w-c also tells wink news-- the boaters rented the boat from destination boat clubs in fort myers...

Now, we don't know how much boating experience the two do have, but savid skiff says a lot of boats that hit the water here in southwest florida have an inexperienced boat operator behind the wheel.

"They get here and they are overwhelmed with what they are dealing with, they are dealing with boats much larger than theirs," said Skiff.

According to Lee Memorial, the injured boater is in fair condition tonight. We called the rental company and were told right now it's unclear how much damaged was caused to the boat. The Coast Guard Auxiliary does offer a boating class they offer once a month at West Marine in Fort Myers, they encourage inexperienced boaters to attend.